4’x6’ Soft Box
10”x36” Soft Strip x2
42”x72” Reflectasol Metallic Silver
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Jay Kilgore has been an artist for as long as he can remember. At the ripe old age of 2, Jay’s Mom, an accomplished artist herself, introduced Jay to the wonderful world of art. As Jay grew older, pens, pencils, charcoal, pastels and even dried macaroni and glue became a way for Jay to express himself. Having two hours of Art Class “homework” every night after school, Jay learned from a very early age how to “See light”. At the age of five Jay was given his first assignment; capture memories of a party at his folks house. From that moment on, Jay was hooked on photography. Shooting for himself mostly, Jay amassed well over 30,000 street photography photos.

In 1999 Jay and his diverse family went into a local big chain portrait studio to get photos done. It was apparent the photographers didn’t know how to “properly” light Jay’s family thus the idea to shoot their family portraits came from his wife. Struggling with the idea of sharing his photography, Jay gave it a whirl and found his subjects to be more difficult than he assumed it would be. Soon, After years of shooting family portraits for friends, family and neighbors, Jay caught the Glamour bug.

Shooting Glamour and Boudoir, Jay is a heavily published and sought after photographer and educator! With over 30 images in 22 nationally distributed magazines across the U.S., Jay is known to have a high level of quality when it comes to his work. When it comes to photography, Jay is of the opinion “You only get one chance to get that shot. Make the most of it!” Which is why he uses Larson Ent modifiers! “A photographer is only as good as his or her last image, we need to make sure we’re using the best resources available to us and Larson is the best!”

Today, Jay is a successful Fashion, Glamour and Boudoir photographer and educator residing in Denver, CO. Jay started teaching his style of photography in 2004 and to date has taught well over 3,500 students from across the world!

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